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Q4 2020 Quarterly Newsletter


Q4 brought us two COVID-19 vaccines, a new President, and holiday cheer en route to the hottest final quarter the Denver metro real estate market has ever seen. Denver appreciated 12% during 2020, with single family homes increasing 15% and condos/townhomes increasing 7.5%, while inventory finished at 3,415 homes – 77% fewer than the 10-year average for December .

How did Denver metro compare with the rest of the country and what does 2021 have in store? Check out our newest quarterly newsletter below to find out.


Greenwood Estates Realty enjoyed a historic Q4 in which we sold a Cherry Creek luxury residence in less than 9 hours, helped a family of seven sell after 95 unsuccessful days with another Realtor, and bought, renovated, and sold our first fix and flip in our spare time. Curious what goes into a fix and flip? Click here for a "behind the scenes" look.

Of all our recent activities, what we’re most proud of is our annual "Us vs. Other Realtors" statistical analysis, which showcases our client performance over the past year. Take a look below!


The Zerrs spent Christmas with family in NW Kansas and did their best trying to keep up with little Emilia, who is already 18 months old! Emi enjoyed playing with her new kitchen playset and car – both gifts from her grandparents. Emi’s current favorite words are “no, no, no, no” and “buh” (bunny). Look for her playing this spring at a neighborhood playground near you!

David & his family spent several days in October enjoying some R&R in the mountains. November was focused transitioning back to remote learning for the girls and Briana, while also celebrating Jailyn’s 9th birthday. December was busy tracking Santa Clause, looking for Elf on the Shelf each morning, and was capped off by the wedding of Briana's sister.  The Jimenez’s finish the year incredibly grateful for so much!


The high and low record sales for the past quarter include a 1 bed, 1 bath condo in Thornton for $90K and 4 bed, 7 bath estate in Denver’s Polo Club for $8MM. Click the icon below to check 'em out.


**Looking to Refi? We Have Insider Knowledge** We know a TON about refi's. Take advantage of our professional knowledge and allow us to offer helpful, objective insight as a trusted real estate resource.

Case in Point : In early December, our client, Mike, asked for a second opinion on a lender refi quote he received offering a 2.75% rate and $7,065 in closing costs. We provided detailed insight, including low-cost refi lenders, payback calculations, and lender interview questions so our client could “bid out" his family's refi. The conversation steered our client to a lender who matched the 2.75% rate previously offered with no closing costs. The refi will save Mike and his family $208 per month ($2,500/year) with no money out of pocket. We love providing value and offering assistance – allow us to do so for you.

Contact us anytime you have a real estate-related decision – refi questions, property tax concerns, renovation ideas, etc. We’re more than just Realtors, we’re real estate advisors.


As we enter the New Year, we are delighted to be your real estate resource and connector.  We are Greenwood Estates Realty, "The best real estate experience you've ever had."

Enjoy the start of a new year, we’ll catch you soon!


Bryan & David


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