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Investing in rental properties can be one of the best investments you ever make - or it can be one of the worst. As you make decisions about your real estate investments, allow us to leverage our personal experience to help you through the process.

As owners of multiple investment properties, we know from firsthand experience what makes a good investment property and what will be a money pit. Should you hire a property manager or self-manage? What cash-on-cash return, cap rate, or discounted cash flow can you expect from a real estate investment? We are happy to help educate you regarding these questions and more.

Successful Investing


Considering an investment property requires weighing a lot of data. The viability of a property can be affected by so many details - including cash flow, cap rates, HOA viability, and short-term maintenance and repairs. We look at all investment metrics and help you analyze prospective investment properties to make the best choice. This article from Bankrate considers several important factors important to long-term buy and hold investing. As experienced real estate investors, we've walked through the process of evaluating and finding rental properties - let us help you do the same! 

Bountiful Resources


From investment acquisition to strategic disposition, in addition to our expertise, we have a significant network of investor resources including: experienced property managers, specialty trade contractors, and other professionals. Our resources include: 1031 exchange specialists, attorneys specializing in evictions and landlord tenant law, and beyond.


Additionally, we look forward to providing you with valuable online resources including: 

  • Rentometer (current fair market rent database that we have a paid subscription to and can provide you free access!)

  • Cozy (free resource for setting up automatic monthly rent payments for tenants)

  • MySmartMove (highly effective and inexpensive way to screen prospective tenants).

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