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Q2 2022 Quarterly Newsletter


We’ve got some really good stuff in this newsletter, including the following headline you won’t find anywhere else: The Denver Metro area appreciated 16% over the first 5 months of 2022, before losing approximately 6% in June.

Why did it happen?

What's going to happen in the coming quarter and beyond? Check out our quarterly newsletter to find out.


We had a very successful start to the year. The first half of 2022 took us to 12 cities (Lakewood to Aurora, Castle Rock to Reunion - Commerce City), where we helped clients with transactions ranging from $230K to $1MM+. Odds are, a new all-time sales record was reached in your neighborhood during the first half of 2022. We accomplished this feat with several sales, including the Hermitage at Greenwood Village and the Enclave at DTC. While the market continues to cool, there will still be occasional record sales later this year. We hope to claim some for our sellers! As we enter the second half of 2022, we expect reduced sales volume and more challenging transactions. We welcome the market’s shift and look forward to offering novel services to fit our clients’ needs; including our Fix & List Program for sellers. The second half of 2022 will be especially compelling, and even perplexing, for some buyers. At GER, we meet our buyers where they are, and offer advanced sit-down planning appointments where we chart client needs and optimize a custom plan for the most “stress-less,” smooth transition possible.


The spring season included a weekend trip to Seattle in May where Bryan and his wife, Brianna, met their goddaughter. Bryan and Bri also enjoyed taking their daughter, Emilia, (who just turned 3!), to many local parks (Tommy Davis Park - chief among them), where they slid, swung, climbed, and crawled to their hearts' content! An emerging trend in the Zerr Household: mom and dad are enjoying dressing up for occasional date nights, while Emi enjoys wearing pajamas 24/7

In the Jimenez household, Spring was composed of finishing the school year as best they could and enjoying summer vacation to the fullest! They spent their annual week in Florida (Seaside/30A) in early June and then enjoyed a bonus vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to end the month. They were lucky to travel with friends on both vacations, which made them even better. They look forward to pool time & avoiding the heat this summer!

Summertime and the living's easy! While Chris enjoyed the spring, he is currently taking advantage of long summer days where he spends time at dog parks and trails in Colorado Springs and Parker with his girlfriend, Rachel, and dog, Yodi! He continues keeping his musical chops up with appearances at open mic nights in the Denver Metro area. If you happen to see him performing, come say, “Hi!”


The high and low record sales for the past quarter include: a 5 bed, 7 bath, ultra-modern mansion in Hilltop for $8.0MM and 1 bed, 1 bath condo in Aurora for $127K. Click the icon above to check 'em out!

In addition to the high/low sales, we found this interesting sale of a $80K parking space that recently sold downtown at the Spire. That's a lot to pay for downtown parking!


As we enter into the summer heat, we are delighted to be your real estate resource and connector. We are Greenwood Estates Realty, "The best real estate experience you've ever had." Enjoy the summer; we'll catch you soon!

Blessings, Bryan & David


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