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Monthly Topic: Best Furnace Filter & Google Street View Blurring

June '22 Home Insights

==> We’re recommending the best furnace filter for protecting your home, while also ensuring your furnace doesn’t work too hard.

==> We’re showing you how to protect your privacy by removing your home from Google Street View.


● Furnace filters serve one purpose: to filter out harmful particles, thereby protecting your furnace and improving home air quality.There are four types of filters, shown from least to most effective in filtering air: fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic, and HEPA filters.

● In addition to being the most effective in filtering air toxins, the HEPA filter is also the most expensive. HOWEVER, whereas you might think a HEPA filter is the best filter for your home, it is important to consider that the HEPA has such a strong filter that your furnace has to work extremely hard to pull air through the filter, thus potentially reducing its useful life with long-term HEPA filter use.

● If someone in your home has respiratory issues or high sensitivity to pet hair, dust, or other allergens, then an electrostatic or HEPA filter might be your best option. If so, I highly recommend replacing your filter often to reduce extra long-term wear to your furnace.

● If members in your household have an “average” reaction to normal allergens, I recommend purchasing a pleated filter with a MERV 8 rating and replacing every 1-2 months, depending upon how often you run your furnace and air conditioner.

Pleated, MERV 8 filters have the perfect balance of reasonable cost, filter performance, and not being “too hard” on your furnace. The best furnace filter I have found for my own home is this FilterBuy MERV 8 filter on Amazon Link*. I purchase this as a 6-pack and they last a full year. They are roughly $6.50/filter, which is a great value and I have the peace of mind that not only will my air quality be great inside my home, but also that my furnace will not be overworked distributing air supply throughout my home.

*Note, the above Amazon link is for your convenience.

We do not earn any money off orders placed through the link.


● Google Maps has over 10 million miles of images in Google Street View. This allows anyone to virtually “drive by” almost any building in the US. This exposure creates privacy concerns for many.

● To protect your right to privacy, you can blur your house in Google Street View, thereby adding a layer of security to your personal information.

● Before blurring your home, please note the following:

∙ Blurring your home is permanent and cannot be undone.

∙ Blurring your home can make your personal property (car, recreation vehicle, etc) more visible.

∙ If you are thinking about selling your house, blurring your property can make it more difficult for potential buyers to virtually navigate your neighborhood in Google Street View.

● To blur your home, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Maps.

2. Find and open any photos that contain images of your house.

3. Click ‘Report a problem’ in the bottom right.

4. Complete and submit the form.

That’s it! Google Street View privacy is yours.

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