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Q4 2023 Question: I’m remodeling my home; what are the latest design trends?

2024 Home Trends

Q: I’m remodeling my home; what are the latest design trends? 🤔

A: Great question!  Later this year, we’ll create a video taking a deeper dive into this subject, but for now, let’s summarize key trends we’re noticing. 👀


Colors: Boring and sterile white pantones are being dumped in favor of muted earth tones complimented with bold colors.


Textures: The growing use of shiplap, paint lines, and wallpaper in single rooms, such as the powder room or home office.


Finishes: Satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are being replaced by brushed gold and matte black finishes.


Floor Plans: Homebuilders are featuring more purposed, defined rooms rather than large, vacuous spaces that are "too open." 

Below is a 2024 Trends Cheat Sheet for your reference.

While brainstorming your next remodel, remember to perform our recommended routine home maintenance items found on the checklist below ☑️.

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