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Q1 2023 Quarterly Newsletter

Friends, Your property taxes are about to increase dramatically. Our Q&A at the bottom of this email will show you how to “fight back.”

The market appreciated a whopping 6% during the first 3 months of 2023. Why are some homes selling in a week, while others are taking 30+ days? Check out our quarterly newsletter to find out!


Greenwood Estates Updates

Q1 was busy for us: we closed 4 listings, while busily showing properties. We had several big wins, including a “Pre-MLS” sale (see below) and made some photography magic (see below).

Pre-MLS Sale Maneuver

In Q1, we did something pretty cool – we sold a condo for more than market value in an off-market sale.

How? A buyer had lost out on multiple properties in the same condo community. We tracked down that buyer's agent and made an offer the buyer couldn’t refuse: we promised an off-market, pre-MLS sale to him in exchange for a $7,500 premium over the property’s market value. Reacting out of scarcity, the buyer and agent agreed!

That’s how we sold this DTC condo at a $7.5K premium after 0 days on market.

Photography Magic Our bespoke marketing is carefully tailored to accentuate the very best of each property. Recently, a home in Centennial beckoned us to curate drone photos to showcase its incredible location and ground twilight shots to compliment the property's enchanting back patio.

We’d be delighted if you checked out more photos here.


ROCK SOME GER SWAG Get your FREE GER grocery totes by responding to this email. Get them while supplies last!


Emilia Zerr recently posed with our “For Sale” sign. She loves the real estate limelight, but must wait 14 more years to be eligible for her associate broker license. ; ) The Zerrs celebrated the Chiefs Super Bowl victory. Even Bryan’s wife, Brianna - a Broncos fan - (begrudgingly), took part in the festivities!

Hunkering down and waiting out winter was the name of the game for the Jimenez family. They celebrated Jamisyn's 7th birthday in February and spent spring break in Arizona visiting family. All eyes ahead toward warmer weather!

Though Chris is bummed winter is over, he is excited that outdoor concert season is almost in full swing! You can often catch him at Red Rocks, Fiddler's Green, or Dick's Sporting Goods Park! Look for him at a local coffee shop or brewery during an open mic night; he'll be the one with the guitar singing early 2000's love songs!


As we enter the new year, we are delighted to be your real estate resource and connector. We are Greenwood Estates Realty, "The best real estate experience you've ever had."

Enjoy Colorado’s winter; we’ll catch you soon!

Blessings, Bryan & David


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