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Our Fix & List Program

Homes that are outdated or have deferred maintenance sell for significantly less than updated ones in good working order. While most sellers know "pretty" homes sells for more, they typically don't have the time, knowledge, or money so they usually sell "as is" to cash investors for significantly less.

For homeowners with outdated homes, we've created our "Fix and List" program where we fix up your property ourselves using our own time, knowledge, and money. Once the repairs and updates are made, the seller nets significantly more money on their sale. Best of all, the seller doesn't pay for the updates and repair work until closing.

Here is a recent case study of one of our Fix and Lists:

2435 W 111th Ct (Westminster)

In September, a client requested that we sell his home. Our analysis of the property concluded we could sell it for $480K "as is" or for $525K if we spent $19K on several minor updates and repairs. Thus, our client would earn $26K more on the sale ($45K more in sale price minus $19K in repairs = $26K more).

Our client opted for our Fix and List program where we performed the necessary updates and sold the home for $550K ($25K more than we forecasted,) while coming under budget on our repair costs by $2.5K.

The result was $53,600 more in the seller's pocket after paying all fix-up costs.

Do you own a property that can benefit from a Fix and List?

Contact us today.

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