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High ROI Home Updates #4: Add a TV Wall Mount

Home Updates that Give You Exponential ROI

  • What: If your home was built pre-2010, there is a good chance it does not have a TV wall mount. Homes that have updated TV wall mounts vs. standard entertainment setups are perceived as more updated and valuable by buyers. Adding a TV wall mount can give you a 5X ROI.

  • Why: Let’s face it – exposed wires and cables are a thing of the past and today’s consumer desires a cleaner, more simple aesthetic in their homes. Adding a TV wall mount is an inexpensive update and will make your living room appear slightly larger (no bulky entertainment center anymore) and more elegant.

  • Cost: Home Depot has several models to choose from, ranging in cost from $25-$120, depending upon size and features. Add another $50 for tools and additional materials (as needed) and you’re in business.

“How To” Step by Step (Detailed Instruction)

1) Remove the TV

2) Locate Studs

3) Prepare the Conduit (hides cables)

4) Drill the Holes

5) Pull the Wire and Conduit

6) Insert Tube & Secure Cord

7) Secure Fishstick

8) Attach the Voltage Box

9) Insert the Receptacle Box

10) Check Alignment & Tighten Screws

11) Push Cables Through & Snap Faceplates

12) Plug into Power

Potential Pitfalls*:

  • Ensure you buy a mount large enough for your TV

  • Have a plan for your power source, cables and connectivity

  • Ensure you anchor the wall mount to studs or other support


*This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. Consult a licensed contractor with questions anytime you take on a DIY project. Hire out the work if needed.

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