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Case Study: Outdated Home Sellers

Creative & Curated Marketing in Denver

Marshall & Maria's 1950's ranch in Denver's Belcaro neighborhood needed several key renovations to sell for maximum value according to multiple buyer feedback submissions.

The renovations included: (1) adding a master en suite, (2) removing a wall to open up the floor plan, and (3) updating the main bathroom.

Short on time, we decided rather than do the updates ourselves, we would create a custom remodel rendering and assemble bids from local, reputable contractors to make it happen. Once completed, we created two giant 2' by 3' foamboards and placed them in the living room so buyers could reference during showings.

We knew that providing detailed renderings and contractor quotes would satisfy the two biggest concerns buyers have when purchasing an updated property: visualizing the remodel and estimating cost.

Within a few days, serious buyers saw the property and renderings, and subsequently, wrote an offer.

Sold in 4 Days.



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