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Case Study: First-Time Homebuyers

Confident First-Time Homebuying in Parker

First-Time Homebuyers Home in the Stroh Ranch neighborhood in Parker, CO 80134

The May Family were first-time homebuyers and felt uneasy reading Denver Post (and other news outlet) headlines about how "ultra-competitive" the Denver Mero real estate market was. After reading that they "had to pay" $50K over list price, "must" waive inspection, and were "required" to cover any appraisal shortfall, they wondered whether to stop their search before they even started.

Upon hearing their concerns, we spent diligent and deliberate time educating the Mays on the market, specific and successful strategies, and that they could purchase a great home, without making poor decisions that could jeopardize the long-term financial health or well-being of their family.

Once they knew what to expect, they felt fully prepared and ready to find the home of their dreams. They made two offers and found "it" on the second!

A beautiful two-story residence in the Parker neighborhood of Stroh Ranch. And you know what? They (only) paid $9K over list price, were granted all 6 of their inspection requests, and the home appraised over contract price!

One Home Purchase.

One Happy Family.

Clients for Life.


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