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Case Study: Buy-and-Hold Investors

Buy & Hold Investment in Parker

Buy-and-Hold Investors Home in the Parker Heights neighborhood in Parker, CO 80138

James & Jan needed to diversify their stock-heavy portfolio, while also saving for college. Among the different asset classes they considered investing were bonds, gold bullion, cryptocurrency, and even the growing market of NFT's (non-fungible tokens). All interesting options, but the low returns and/or volatility of each were not prudent for their needs.

Another option was investing in real estate, where they could purchase a property close to where they lived, manage it themselves, and rent it out slowly, but thoughtfully building up wealth through monthly cash flow and long-term appreciation.

James and Jan decided to make the jump and contacted us to assist with finding a great investment property, knowing we are experienced investors ourselves, having owned and managed over 10 properties.

Within a short period of time, we identified a great turnkey investment property in Parker Heights, located just 11-minutes from their home! They purchased the single family residence for $475K & immediately rented it for $2.7K per month!

The investment metrics were solid, yielding a 5.3% cap rate and long-term return on investment of >20%. Try beating that with the stock market!

Positive Cash Flow.

Empowered Experience.

Bright Future.


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