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High ROI Home Updates #2: Replace Canned Lights with Track & Pendant Lighting

Home Updates that Give You Exponential ROI


Boxed fluorescent tube and canned lighting were both popular in kitchens during the 1980s and 90s. Unfortunately, many homes still have one or both. For under $125, you can replace your canned lights with popular track or pendant lighting for maximum appeal! This update can increase your ROI on resale by 5X-6X in the marketplace.

Track Lighting

  • When to Use? Use if you want a “ribbon of light” to provide ambient illumination over a general area or task lighting in a specific area. Use track lighting especially when there are one or two canned lights in the ceiling. Be careful though! If there are 3+ canned lights, it might look silly if you try to add track lighting.

  • How? Video Link

  • Cost? $125-$250* at Home Depot and Amazon

Pendant Lighting

  • When to Use? Use if you want focused task lighting above a certain area, such as the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Pendant lighting is best used when there are 1-4 canned lights. Look for adapter kits for easy conversion from canned to pendant lighting.

  • How? Video Link

  • Cost? You will need to purchase an adapter kit, pendant light shade with power supply cable, and light bulb (approximately <$100* per pendant light) at Home Depot and Amazon

To determine how much you’ll spend updating your particular home, count the number of interior and exterior doors, kitchen and bathrooms (including the number of cabinets), and light fixtures in your home. Multiply each figure by the respective cost and then sum them up. For even more detailed pricing, see the next page.*


*There may be additional materials that your property needs, therefore the cost noted above may not be all-inclusive. Consult a licensed contractor with questions any time you take on a DIY project. When working with electricity, ensure the breaker supplying electricity is turned off. Always consult a licensed electrician for advice and expertise as needed.


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